Lathe-Mounted Cove Cutter

I really have no idea what this tool is supposed to be called.

I needed a tube-bending die, as wasn’t willing to spend hundreds just to bend 3/4″ tubing.  I waste-cast a piece of styrofoam (which didn’t turn out all that well), and needed to accurately cut a 3/4″ radius around the perimeter.

The base is a piece of scrap 1/2″ plate.

The pivot base is 1″ scrap drilled 31/64 and reamed 1/2″.

The tool holder is 1/2″ with a 1/4″ lathe cutter held by a 1/4-20 set screw up top.  Cutting diameter is set by having the cutter protruding ~half~ the distance needed larger than the 1/2″ holder diameter.  ie: I needed to cut 3/4″, so the cutter protruded 1/8″ beyond the 1/2″ diameter holder.  It makes sense to me….

Because of limited space, I have a series of threaded holes to allow re-location of the wee handle so I can complete the cut.