The Great Snowbank In The Sky

The family heirloom 1973 Ariens 5hp snow thrower, threw its last (in this case, the connecting rod), and went to the Great Snowbank In The Sky.

I picked up a 6.5hp Princess Auto motor to re-power it, but discovered as I was taking the Ariens apart, that it uses a dual-shaft Tecumseh, where the drive wheels run off the camshaft and the auger runs off the crankshaft. Not the end of the world, I mean – I could fabricate it to work……

But the local classifieds came up with an FMC Bowlens 8hp of questionable antiquity (probably late 70’s?). Some thorough proper adjustments, and it’s throwing snow again! Yay!

I like that it, too, is all metal, and devoid of safety features.