Metal 8

This is a short 1/4 semester course introducing students to basic design and Metalwork as well as Art Metal projects.  Projects include a pendant, pencil case, mini-whistle, chain-mail hackey-sack, and coat hook.

Level 1

This is an introductory course designed to build a strong foundation for advanced fabrication. A wide variety of machines are used, while processes and skills are developed, such as hand tools, power tools, lathe, milling, sheet metal, forging, casting and welding. Some course projects include a machinist’s hammer, cold chisel, coat hook, collapsible shovel, model chopper bike and gravity car as well as some self-directed projects.

Level 2

This course is for both beginning Metal Technology students and those who have taken Junior Metal Technology. Students will use lathe, milling machine, welding, and forging procedures, as well as precision measurement and tool maintenance. Course projects include a lathed scriber, functional steam engine, the Cube of Doom and blacksmithing. Students may have an opportunity for self-directed projects, such as a Chopper Bicycle.

Level 3

This course builds on Metal Technology 11 with a heavy emphasis on design and problem solving. Students taking this course must be competent in all shop practices and shop safety. Course projects may include a Midget Kart, Pedal Car, Chopper Bike or other custom-fabrication.