The Terrible Trailer


Sold 2016

A few years ago I tried hauling a goodly sized load of rotten firewood in The Hideous Hardbody.  Oddly enough, the over-width wheels and tires on the truck became heavily clearanced by the fenders of the box.  It took me a couple of kilometers of wondering where all the blue smoke behind me was coming from before I discovered it was me – tire smoke billowing out of the wheel wells….

So, I built this trailer.  I know, it isn’t really a “Project Car” per se.

Based on a Leisurecraft pop-up tent trailer, I shortened the back-end slightly, bobbed the rear bumper ends, added the stake pockets, light guards, and built the sides.  Princess Auto had cool stake-side coupler thingies to make it easily disassembleable.

And despite my (humbly) phenomenal skill and ability with electrical, I managed to screw up all three of the trailer light wires.  I swear I followed the diagram of my vintage wiring kit – did trailer light wiring colours change since 1970?