The Hideous Hardbody

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I purchased this truck in November of 2007 to replace the Sinister Sentra, whose usefulness had come to an end.

The truck appeared to be in fairly good shape despite having been stolen, recovered and “rebuilt” prior to my ownership.  I have since discovered a lot of “unusual” things wrong with it.

My intent is to perform a mild lowering (Bell Tech dropped spindles and blocks), and keep the truck as reliable as possible. I had originally intended to shave, bag and boost the truck, but the more I looked at air-bagging a pickup, the less enthusiastic I became. Turbocharging it still intrigues me, although a small block Chevy would produce more power and about the same economy.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me

I will endeavour to document everything that I do with the truck, and try to take lots of pictures. (I tend to get excited in a project and forget to snap the pics!)

The Project Ends!

The Hideous Hardbody was sold complete (but raised 2″) in the summer of 2014 as its usefulness to me was over. I really needed a full-size truck, and Nissan certainly wasn’t.


As a cautionary note, please be sure that you know what the heck you are doing if you try to duplicate what I have done. I am a competent welder, designer, machinist and mechanic. I am not responsible in any way for your actions. You have the right to accept or reject any information given here, and you probably should get a second opinion anyway. Just because you “saw it on the web” does NOT mean that it is right, smart, logical, safe, practical, correct, or truthful. Use the brain you came with, or borrow someone else’s if you have to. If you have questions, be sure to email me.