The Crusty Chevy

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How it all started…


We had a 1977 Chevy Silverado donated to the school. When I initially looked at it, I figured it was solid enough that we could fix it up and flip it; put some money into the program.



Typical 350 V8, TH350 automatic, and a 12-bolt rear with 3.07 gears.  Single exhaust, but Heavy Duty leafs and Heavy Duty brakes.

Upon closer inspection, the box was very pooched (this pic was after we stripped the box).


So instead of fixing it up and flipping it, I had kiddies doing labs on it in Mechanics class.

After a year, I decided to have some fun with the truck, since it needed so much work (not cost-effective to put money into it). So, we short-boxed the frame and lowered it.

Truck Pictures 3s

If we screwed it up, it wouldn’t matter, since the truck was pretty screwed anyway.  And that’s how a project begins to snowball out of control.


We found a short box locally at a school-shop-friendly price.  It looks good from the ~outside~, but in this case, pretty was only skin deep.

Another bit of coolness – the truck already has 15×8 rallyes.  Wheel Vintiques truck rallyes in 15×10 became no longer available during the build, so I went with a ‘Vette style rallye instead.


And then I started falling in love with it.  I ended up buying it off the school and sinking a crap-load more money into it.

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Other Stuff Not Found in the Links Above:

Fabricated Hidden-Hitch:

All 1/4″ plate and 2x2x1/4″ tube, held in with 5/8″ bolts.



I made a license-plate-flipper-upper using some 1-1/2″ piano hinge from Home Depot (attached to the plate with 3/16″ rivets, and drilled to attach to the license plate mount), with some sticky-sided-magnetic-strip (Princess Auto) on the bottom of the plate  to keep it from flapping in the breeze.



Also made a license plate light since the sport bumper did not come with one.  We’ll see how long the aluminum lasts….

Angry Eyes, just in case

Period Livery: