Yay Amoxicillin

Had strep throat mid-January.

Got on Amoxicillin for ten days.

Day five of Amoxicillin, I got a full-body rash.  Cool.  Maybe an allergic reaction to the antibiotic, or maybe I had Mono?  Got a blood test for Mono – didn’t hear anything back (which usually means the results are negative).

Day ten of Amoxicillin, a different Doctor (I was kind of between Doctors at the time) said this was an allergic reaction, and I should stop taking Amoxicillin and get on Prednisone (seven days) and Hydrocortisone cream (five days) to deal with the rash.

Day seven of Prednisone, I got a sore throat.  Usually, antibiotics and my Asthma medication react together and give me Thrush.  I went off my Asthma meds (and did, this time, as well) when I went on Amoxicillin. Doctor checks, and prescribes Nystatin (seven days) to deal with Thrush.

Day two of Nystatin, 5:35am, I wake my sweetie so she can get the kids to school, and I drive myself to Emergency because my throat is swelling shut, I can’t swallow, and am having difficulty breathing.  The Doctor there gives me a Steroid shot in my bum and sends me home, saying I’ll feel better in two days.  Thankfully, they took a swab for a lab test.

Day four of Nystatin, 5:45am, I wake my sweetie again, and drive myself to Emergency again.  Now an intravenous Steroid, and an antibiotic that if I’m allergic to Amoxicillin, I would have a 5% chance of being allergic to – and if I was allergic, it could be lethal, so they would watch me for a couple hours.  Lab results said it was Strep again.  By 11:30 they sent me home with a prescription for Cephalex (ten days).  My guess is that Prednisone killed my immune system, Strep got pissed off and brought friends.

Somewhere in there, my right leg started to swell up.  Doctor says it might be a blood clot, which if it goes to my lungs may cause shortness of breath, if it goes to my brain…. stroke.  Nice.

I’m on a “Priority 1 (24-48 hours)” thing to get that looked at.  144 hours later, I was in the hospital getting an ultrasound on my leg.  Person doing the ultrasound was a bit shocked at the rash from hell on my legs.  I may find out in a couple more days what the results are.

Lotus 7 Tranny Tunnel

I’ve been working on the transmission tunnel for the Lotus 7 clone (based initially on Pat Prince drawings circa 1981).

I’m using a 240SX transmission that I will be adapting to a Ford Duratec 2.0L.

This isn’t your typical tubing layout. It makes sense in my head, and it’s coming together alright….

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Unusual Electoral Campaign?

I saw this slogan on a local sign for someone running for city council.  Thought it might be a bit… heavy-handed.

Are they suggesting lethal injection, firing squad, or hanging?  I’m not sure I would vote them in.

But then again…..