The Bush Buggy




This was being built for a friend of mine. It was about 75% complete when it was returned to my patient and long-suffering friend. This project was far more work than I thought it would be.

The buggy was built with double-wishbone front suspension, 340 Skidoo motor, 10x22x8 ATV wheels. I nixed the idea of independent rear suspension after spending long hours brainstorming and working out the details.

My friend did get the engine running and the buggy mobile. Apparently it is ~VERY~ quick. And the need for adequate brakes a necessity.

There are quite a few things I would do differently. if I were to do it again. Either no suspension, or a very simple suspension. Like a solid axle on the front maybe. Old school, but simple. Or maybe buy a quad, or an old Odyssey. Or the best idea, some old tube-frame VW dune buggy.

Still, looking back (now that the dark clouds of design anger have left), it was a good preparation for the Lethal Locost