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Spring Notbreak

Because I’m always working, that’s why.

Wiring the V8 Firefly. Trailing arm bushings, muffler, and O2 sensor on Super 7, TBI swap on Crusty Chevy, Shift Kit on the Mrs’ car, chopping up laundry appliances, repairing snow thrower….

And that’s just what’s ~inside~ that needs doing.

BCTF et al

Yes.  I am a BC Teacher.  You likely have heard about us in the news recently.

My take on things:

The BCTF pushes their propaganda.

The Gub’ment pushes their propaganda.

The media sensationalizes whatever increases readership, because readership sells advertisements.

Somewhere out there is truth, but neither you nor I am really privy to all of it.

My questions though:

If the Government is deemed allowed to rip up the Teacher’s contract (currently in their third appeal), could they not, then, set a precedent to be allowed to rip up any contract?

If we allow the Government to over-rule court rulings (E80),  could they not, then, set a precedent to be allowed to overrule any court rulings?

In the mean-time:

I am purposing to remain positive through all this, and not get emotionally dragged down by all of what is going on.  I must admit, however, that my enthusiasm and passion for the teaching career is slowly being beaten out of me, year after year after year.

What I do in my classroom is all that is important to me.  The rest of it is “just a job.”

Fixed my Plasma TV

My Panasonic Plasma TV didn’t turn on.  Instead, it just flashed the power light 10 times over and over.  A quick Googling gave me THIS VIDEO that indicated which boards inside the TV were causing the fault, and what to do about it (two chips and a two 1uF capacitors).  A few other sites suggested it is only the caps causing the problem.

Since it didn’t work anyway, and since the extended warranty expired just last summer, I really had nothing to lose.  I happened to have a couple 1uF caps and a good soldering pencil.  I followed the video and took the thing apart, changed the capacitors, and lo and behold!  It worked!  Yay!

The offending capacitors, from unavailable boards MC201 and MC301