Mr. Wellwood is a high school shop teacher in Winfield BC, Canada.

You have no idea how passionate he is about cars.  His loving and long-suffering wife, sadly, does.

Growing up in a variety of towns throughout the province, he claims “no home town.” The longest he has stayed anywhere, is right here.

Driven by efficiency of time, efficiency of materials, and efficiency of energy, he has a strong need for procedure, perfection, order, and organization.

He also struggles to meet self-imposed standards that he sets almost unattainably high. He has, at times, been labeled “intense.”

Wellwood is most baffled by people and society, as they do not seem to subscribe to his surrealistic utopian expectations.  Despite a twisted and macabre sense of humour, he also applies a significant philosophical approach to the things he does.

In his teaching career, he considers himself a “Provider of Opportunities,” focusing on employability skills – emphasis being Productivity, Preparedness, Resourcefulness, Safety, and Cleaning Up (these areas comprise 50% of the students mark).  Parents have commented that they wished all teachers emphasized these in the way that Wellwood does.

Upon first impression, Mr. Wellwood seems a bit unorthodox – you kind of wonder “where is he coming from?” and “I don’t really know how to take this guy.” Luckily, his twisted sense of humour and “shock value” approach is enjoyed by most.  So, there is balance.  The students say Wellwood is “very strict, and a little crazy.”

Mr. Wellwood’s goal in life: “I want to be be eccentric.  I want to be that crazy old man at the end of the street with all the wacky projects.”

Some say he’s already there….

2002 – Present: George Elliot Secondary School, Winfield BC

  • Drafting (current)
  • Electronics
  • Math
  • Maker (current)
  • Mechanics (current)
  • Metalwork (current)
  • Tech Ed

2001 – 2002: Kelowna Secondary School, Kelowna BC

  • Art Metal
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Power Mechanics
  • Tech Ed

1997 – 2001: Burnaby North Secondary School, Burnaby BC

  • Applied Skills 8
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics

1997: Student Teacher at Delta Secondary School, Ladner BC

  • Applied Skills 8
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Metalwork
  • Tech Ed

Want to get Philosphical?


    • Suspect Gifted <– This helped him understand himself better in 2012


    • Suspect Aspergers <– This helped him understand himself better in 2015



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